Passport Renewal Application NRI in India – Present Address, Previous Address ?

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Passport Renewal Application NRI in India – Present Address, Previous Address ?

In case you are not sure, if you can renew/ re-issue your passport as NRI in India, when you visit for vacation…the simple answer is yes, you can do that. You can check out article Passport Renewal Process NRI In India  as shared by our readers.  One of the most asked questions, is what should I fiall in for my present address and previous address, when I fill out the passport online application?  We will share the info from users who have done renewal and passport office official response in this article.

What sounds correct for Present Address in Passport Application ?

In the past, we used to recommend that you need to fill in your current address abroad for the present address in application…while it sounds logical and correct, there were confusions and at the end of the day, users were not doing that.  Many were not discussing this openly, as it sounds like you are bending the rule by not stating the current fact that you are living abroad on paper.   We reached out to passport office and below is their official email response screenshot.  What they suggested is to furnish your Permanent address in India as your present and previous address, when you fill in the application. We have also checked with our readers, who previously submitted Passport Application as NRI in India and they all said that they used their address in India as Present and Previous address.

Indian Passport Renewal NRI Present and Previous Address What to Enter

Your Address from Old Passport ( about to expire ) and Current Address Same – Police Verification ?

If your address from old passport that is about to expire is same as current address and you have Aadhar Card on the same address, then there would be no police verification and you can apply on Tatkaal Mode. Of course, it is always subject to passport officer decision on the police verification and it depends.

What if your Address in India Changed in the last 10 years ?  Basically, your present address in India is different from the address printed in your passport that is expiring – Police Verification ?

In fact, one of our readers, had similar situation and she shared that there was Police Verification.  When police came to verify her at home, they asked questions about where she lives, where she works, etc. She said that she lives in X Country and have come for holiday. They made her handwrite a letter stating where she lives and what she does in X country and also the last 2 visit date details to India and sign the same letter.  So, be prepared for Police verification and plan your time, if there are address changes. Always, these are the discretion of the passport officer.

What has been your experience ? What did you put in for Present address when you filled application as NRI ?




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