New Technology In YOWhatsApp APK 7.25 Latest Version Free Download 2018

New Technology In YOWhatsApp APK 7.25 Latest Version Free Download 2018

As we all know, social media and instant messaging app like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more have become a part of our life. The craze of these instant messaging app has grown up to the extent that we can’t even survive a day without it. For example, the first thing we do after waking up is to check the instant messaging app.

Well, whenever we talk about the instant messaging app, we simply can’t forget WhatsApp, the instant messaging app is one of the most popular and most used apps that is used to exchange messages worldwide. Well, it goes without saying that there is 99% chance that you will be having WhatsApp installed on your smartphone.

We must admit that we spent countless hours on the instant messaging platform for purposes like chatting & calling. Moreover, WhatsApp already got some awesome features which are attracting more and more users. However, WhatsApp has some restrictions when we talk about its features.

To remove all those restrictions, we are going to introduce a new app which is super easy to install and awesome to use. The app which we are talking about is known as YO WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp latest apk latest version 7.35 comes with some unique feature which goes missing in the regular and official version of WhatsApp. With the help of YOWhatsapp, you can enjoy some of the extended features of the most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Whats IS YOWhatsApp Apk 7.35?

Well, as we know that developers are building several version of modified apk for WhatsApp, and YOWhatsApp is one of them. So, basically, YoWhatsApp apk is the modified version of WhatsApp app that is made by some of the third-party developers. However, the modified version has some exclusive features which make it super addictive.

YoWhatsApp comes with some awesome features like hiding the blue ticks, hiding the second ticks, changing the chat themes, inbuilt app lock and much more. Without any doubt, there are several version of Modified WhatsApp apk available on the internet, but YOWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Apk is among the best ones.

Features Of YOWhatsApp 7.35:

As we already said, the YoWhatsApp apk comes with many benefits. Some of the best features are hiding the blue ticks, hiding the second ticks, changing themes and much more. Below we are going to list out several features of YOWhatsApp:

  • Unlimited Themes: This is one of the best features of YOWA Apk, the latest version of YOWhatsApp comes with unlimited themes which you can use to change layout whenever you want to and that too for unlimited times. Isn’t it was cool?
  • Privacy Options: With the latest version of YOWA, You can hide your online status. Well, hiding the status is also available in the official app. However, you can also hide the blue ticks, hide the double ticks, typing status with YoWhatsapp.
  • App Lock: Don’t confuse the feature with other app lock apps available in Google Play Store. This app lock works in a different manner. With this feature, you can protect your chats with the help of Pattern or PIN or Password or Fingerprint protection.
  • Call Filter: Well, with the help of YOWhatsApp, you can filter out who can make you call and who can’t separately. So, if a guy is disturbing you by calling again and again then, you can simply block them from calling you in the WhatsApp itself.
  • Share Images Without Compression: Well, WhatsApp compresses the images before sending which saves data and use less storage on Phone. However, nobody likes those low-quality images. So, the modified version of WhatsApp actually let you send images without compression. So, you can enjoy full resolution images.

Free Download YOWhatsApp APK 7.35 Latest Version 2018

Well, we are now on a download section of the article. So, if you have made your mind to download and enjoy the modified version of WhatsApp app, then you can download the latest version from here. The modified version is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to download and install it separately.

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