New Technology Chrome Browser With New Look

New Technology Chrome Browser With New Look

Google has long sought to find the perfect interface for Chrome. As it has already tested in its browser several alternatives, but the tech giant Google have not yet been able to find the perfect formula.

That’s why the tech giant Google’s Chrome browser now has something new on the home page, yes, it will leave Chrome Home and try Chrome Duplex.

Chrome Home was a Google experience that was going on. Its biggest change, compared to what is normal to be seen in a browser was the change of the address bar from its normal location, the top of the browser, to the end of this.

The novelty now released, Chrome Duplex, comes to bring some modifications, re-rearranging the elements. The most visible will be the change of the address bar again to the top and the creation of a new area, accessible below, with a simple swipe.

This area will contain useful information for the user, where you can see your browsing history as well as the most visited sites. All this additional information can be controlled.

Although it is still only present in Google Chrome Beta for Android, which is in version 66.0.3359.30, Chrome Duplex must be activated. To do this, browse this URL chrome://flags in the address bar and search for Duplex. Then change the Default to Active option and restart Chrome.

While it’s a profound change in how we use the browser, there’s still a lot of work to do in Chrome Duplex. The bottom bar appears to be too large, and the tech giant Google may gain some useful screen space in that zone.

If you want to know the ways that the tech giant Google is preparing for Chrome, then you have to test Chrome Duplex and evaluate what the future of this browser might be. It is not a consensual novelty and may never be active in this browser, but it shows something different and that the tech giant Google is considering using.

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