Industry-wise career prospects and hiring trends of 2018

Industry-wise career prospects and hiring trends of 2018

Industry-wise career prospects and hiring trends of 2018

Unlike the past year’s trend, this year job prospects and salaries are expected to grow by 10% across various industries at different career levels. According to a report by Mercer, a global consulting company, organisations are willing to increase the headcount in 2018 to boost their business in terms of resourcefulness and revenue. From the hiring standpoint, higher educational sector needs to fulfil the demand of current market trends by providing students quality education with practical approach.

Let’s visit every industry one-by-one and see what the growth prospects in these sectors are in 2018:

Manufacturing Industry – The industry of changing corporate landscapes

Key Changes: The advent of modern technologies such as shared mobility, driverless cars, artificial intelligence and robotics along-with advancement in communication is changing the way we work. Technology is changing on a regular basis and you also need to stay updated regularly in order to match the pace of changing industry trends and to survive in this era of cut-throat competition.

Career Goals:  To excel in the manufacturing industry, you should adhere to outside-in approach and be open to learning from the ever-changing industry landscape. Employees need to understand the current industry disruptions and focus on innovation in research and development. Moreover, employees must be ready to get advanced certifications to gain digital knowledge.

Telecom – The sector of new opportunities

Key Changes: Since the consumption and behavioural pattern of customers are changing, the telecom industry is witnessing a significant change, making room for new career opportunities. The industry is now inclined towards bringing new models of customer reach and service, which has created demand for new skills and competencies.

Career Goals: The telecom sector will attract talents in large volumes from Internet of Things, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, employees who are willing to acquire future-fit technological skills will move ahead in this sector in the coming times. Meanwhile, the rural data consumption will keep on working with the traditional telecommunication technology skills.

Technology – The ever-changing world of innovation

Key Changes: From now onwards, the technology sector will be known in terms of risk taking factors, learning agility and knowledge seeking ability. This is because the technology sector is the sector of changing landscapes and employees must focus on cross-skilling to excel in this domain.

Career Goals: Employees must be open to learn new technologies as per market trends and gain functional knowledge in rising industries such as social and digital media. Further, employees must show urgency in learning new technologies and gaining in-depth knowledge in more than one area of technology. Gaining insights on machine learning and AI will be the key to excel in this domain.

FMCG – The sector that demands agility

Key changes: This sector is rapidly changing and demands agility from employees to match its pace of work. Employees need to develop honest self-introspection in order to build core expertise and cross-functional skills.

Career Goals: Self-assessment, sense of purpose and aspirations to grow are the key skills that are required to excel in this domain. Besides this, employees must figure out their career anchors to make sure their objective is perfectly aligned with career goals.

Pharmaceutical Industry – The sector that demands you to reinvent

Key Changes: With so many regulatory changes going around, the Pharma Industry is bound to go through the period of reinvention. In respect to the rise of inspections by USFDA in recent past, employees need to focus beyond compliance and practice international quality while working in this field.

Career Goals: Employees in this field need to stay updated with modern inventory management tools and digital data analytics. One must also focus on Research and Development and adhere to quality mindset to think beyond just compliance to excel in this industry.

Banking & Finance Sector – The need for digital interaction with customers

Key Changes:  The changes in the digital ecosystem have transformed the face of Banking and Financial sector in India. Now, the focus is not on customer satisfaction but on customer delight. One needs to collaborate with various systems at one go and provide rapid modelling strategy for customer service.

Career Goals: Employees working in Banking & Financial Sector need to streamline their experiential knowledge and skill sets with the ever-changing digital and technological ecosystem.


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