Gmail’s dark mode has gone missing for some people (Update: Coming back)

Gmail’s dark mode has gone missing for some people (Update: Coming back)

The Gmail app was one of Google’s last Android applications to get a native dark mode, and it took even longer for the design to appear for everyone in a server-side rollout. Now the option to change themes has gone missing for some people.

We’ve received a few tips from readers about the theme setting disappearing on Gmail version 2019.12.30.289507923, leaving only the default white design. There are also many reports on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites.

Gmail not using dark theme anymore on system Nuanced Dark

Hi there, yesterday all of a sudden my Gmail app was showing all white on system dark scheme. Also, there is no way of changing the theme within the app as there is no Option for theme anymore (don’t know if was there before as it switched automatically with the system schemes).

I tried wiping cache of the app, of the phone, force stopping the app, restarting the phone changing themes multiple times…nothing. Gmail is using light theme on system dark theme.

Anyone encountered this on OnePlus phones?

The official Gmail Twitter account hasn’t offered any explanation for the bug, only directing people to a generic support document. Most of the reports seem to be coming from Pixel owners (cue the jokes about Pixel bugs), though some OnePlus devices are also affected. Some claim that rebooting their phone has fixed the issue.

Here’s hoping this bug gets resolved soon — my retinas can’t take much more of Google’s white applications.

We’ve received a few tips from readers that the dark mode setting has reappeared. If you still don’t have it, it shouldn’t take too long.

Source:- androidpolice