Drink And Drive Fine In India

Drink And Drive Fine In India

Driving a vehicle is important for all of us because it offers us convenience, status, and independence. It is in other words, an art to simplify the way of living by commuting from one place to another. Driving without the influence of alcohol is a responsibility. It is to keep away bigger liabilities at bay which can arise due to an accident.

As per a report, between 2008 and 2017, nearly 77,000 people died in nearly 2 lakh road accidents arising due to driving under the effect of alcohol. Life is valuable and so while driving you should always remember that someone is waiting for you back home. Anytime and anywhere, you need to abide by the rules of traffic and avoid drunk driving. You

Is it illegal to drive when you are drunk?

Yes, as per the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, it is illegal to drive when you are drunk. Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a criminal offence.

What is the fine for drunk driving?

For the first offence, you might have to face imprisonment for 6 months and/or a fine up to Rs.10,000/-. Earlier for the first offence, the fine was Rs.2000/- and imprisonment for 6 months.

For the second time offence, you can face imprisonment of 2 years and/or a fine of Rs.15,000/-. Before this amendment, a fine of Rs.3000/- and imprisonment of 2 years was imposed for the second time offence.

Is the fine same for all types of vehicles?

Yes, the amount of penalty imposed for drunk driving is the same for all the vehicles be it a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or a commercial vehicle.

What is the process once you are caught for drunk driving?

The procedure when you will be caught for drunk driving:

If your vehicle is caught for drunk driving, the traffic police will ask you to undertake the BAC test. You will be asked to blow in the breathalyzer and if the value of alcohol exceeds 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, then you will be held guilty.

If the value matches, then the officials are authorized to detain the vehicle.

If the values in the test matches or exceeds 30 mg per 100 ml of blood, the officer of the Motor Vehicles Department will issue you a challan. Do not refuse to take the test, as then you will attract the chances of getting arrested.

You may pay the fine either online or offline in favour of the challan

For online:  

  • Visit the website of the State’s Transport Department.
  • Click on the tab of the payment of e-challan or traffic violation payment.
  • Enter your vehicle number or challan number. You may then enter the captcha code.
  • Use your debit or credit card to make the payment for fine. You can also use Paytm for paying the fine online.
  • After the payment, you will receive a message for confirmation of receipt.

For offline:

Visit the nearest traffic police station in your area. Ask for the amount you are liable to pay for the impending fine. Clear all the dues, take the receipt and you are free.

After you have paid the fine you are free. But follow the traffic rules as a repeated offence attracts heavy penalties……..Read More>>